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ACE Wallets: Rad Nylon Design

May 15, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

ACE Wallet Blue

"Rad" is a word I'm pretty sure I've never used before. It's probably down to my British nature compelling me to be conservative and understated about things. But rad is the word that Jonny and Tom use to describe their new ACE Wallets, and who am I to argue with them!? The aforementioned Jonny and Tom are Utah based designers and friends who have just set up Goods by Ace and launched their new ACE Wallet, which has been tested and redesigned over many moths to deliver the very unique and intriguing wallet it is today.

About ACE Wallets

So what makes ACE the "radest" (am I using that right...) wallet to grace the pages of Kickstarter? Well, for one thing they open their discussion with the recognition of the fact Kickstarter has been graced with a veritable smorgasbord of minimalist wallets over recent years, and the kickstarter archives are littered with wallet projects of vastly varying degrees of success. Tom and Jonny don't seem to simply be trying to piggyback on this trend and cash in with another "same old" wallet, but they appear to be attempting to bring us something genuinely different and innovative.

ACE Wallet templates

Innovation is something we will always welcome here at Slim Wallet Junkie, so we're excited to hear about ACE Wallets. The wallet is made from two layers of bonded nylon, then cut from the resulting single sheet of material to create a seamless and stitch-less design. The wallet is formed by the customer them-self from the flat outline, and is a simple case locking in four securing tabs and tucking the appropriate bits in. Apparently it's designed to be so simple even your grandma could do it - no pressure their Granny!

The use of Nylon is an interesting choice. I can't recall coming across any minimalist wallets made of Nylon previously, well unless you count those horrible ones with the insanely loud velcro openers that 12 year old boys seem to get as a rite of passage. But ACE seem to have crafted a pretty slick looking wallet using Nylon which we have to tip our hat to. It's probably not a material that many would have initially thought of creating a wallet from, but has looks good and is extremely thin.

 ACE Wallet card pocket

The design of the wallet once it is formed is akin to a traditional bi fold, with two inside pockets that fold over on each other. The wallet has a seamless Nylon exterior, whilst inside the pockets resemble a sort of envelope opening. Each pocket can hold up to four cards, so eight in total, though that is likely to increase with use once the material flexes a little. There is no prescribed way for storing cash, but suggestions are made as to slipping it into a pocket and folding the notes back over the pocket, or folding into quarters and sliding inside the pocket. Both these methods look to work well with US dollars, but we're not totally sure how it will cope with the larger nature of pound notes, which really is our only big hesitation with the ACE wallet.

The ACE Wallet is available in 9 different colour options, all of which are different colours on each side, with the customer being able to choose whioch way round to assemble the wallet. So this in essence creates 18 different versions of the wallet. We won't list all the colours (you can see them below), but their is a good mix of vivid and bright colours, as well as more conservative styles. Apart from the Nylon itself, the only other style feature is the small ACE logo sewn onto edge of one of the pockets on the inside of the wallet. This creates quite a clean but attractive design that, with so many colour options, should be able to cater to most tastes.

ACE Wallet colour options

ACE Wallet on Kickstarter

The ACE Wallet starts at just $10 on Kickstarter (though is $17 for anywhere outside USA/Canada) and has already got off to a promising start. To find out more and to pledge, visit the ACE Wallet Kickstarter page, or check out their Kickstarter video below.

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