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Alexean Wallet Video Review

March 20, 2015 0 Comments

The Alexean is a slim wallet made of Saffiano Leather, which is highly scratch resistant, durable and slim. This allows the Alexean to deliver a slim solution to carrying cash. This wallet has extremely easy access to cash, without adding the bulk of a traditional bi-fold. Check out our video review below.

Visit the Alexean website for more information.

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A Magic Wallet You’ll Love

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Garzini Cavare

We have a new exciting new arrival this month… Welcome, The Garzini Cavare. Could this be the slimmest magic wallet in the world? We’re not sure! But it definitely has some magic built in, that we love. Continue reading to find out more about the pull-tabs and features. 

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Father's Day - Shop The Edit

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We’re sure you haven’t forgotten Father’s Day 2018, but if you have it's Sunday 17th June! 

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Review: New Kickstarter Release

June 04, 2018 0 Comments

Recently, we’ve noticed that more and more Kickstarter and crowdfunding projects are popping up in the slim wallet world, and of course, we’re thrilled to see so many new developments. Not only are product developers finding innovative ways to produce slimmer wallets that take on the pocket bulge but, they are crafted from sustainable resources which make them great for the environment. 

Recently, we came across another slim, minimalist wallet which can hold coins, cards, keys and cash and we love it! 

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