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The Sushi Wallet Video Review

January 17, 2015 4 min read 0 Comments

We got our hands on both the normal and European version of the Sushi Wallet. It only seemed right that we take it for a test in the form of a video review. Check out the Sushi Wallet Competition, where you can win one of the Sushi Wallets featured in this review. This wallet is also available to buy at the Sushi Wallet Shop.


Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to another video review by SlimWalletJunkie.com. Today we take a look at the Sushi Wallet by Yellow Bird Design. The first Sushi Wallet was made for the brother of designer Sarah around two years ago when he asked her to make an elastic band to hold his cards in the hope of ditching his bulky leather wallet. Sarah bought elastic and bias tape from the fabric store and created what is now the sushi wallet, so named for the likeness of the black elastic around a bundle of cards to a piece of sushi.

He loved it and started using it immediately and daily. Sarah then went on to make sushi Wallets for most of her friends and family. They proved so popular that a Kickstarter campaign was created. After successfully surpassing the $5,000 dollar goal by over three hundred percent the Sushi Wallet became a reality, with the slogan:

minimize the clutter, simplify your pocket.

this is something we can definitely get on board with. So let's take a closer look.

In this video we will be looking at both the original Sushi Wallet and European version. Sushi Wallet is a slim minimalist wallet that fits comfortably in just about any pocket.

Artistically designed, it is made of 3" heavy-duty woven black elastic with various trim color options. It holds between 1-8 cards and has a front pocket for cash.


Here we have the red trim option but the wallet has a total of 9 trim colors all on a black backing. These colors are:

  • black
  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • blue
  • purple
  • pink
  • new blue
  • turquoise

The appeal of the Sushi Wallet is in the simple, slim design. There's no unnecessary bulk added apart from the essential materials and your cards and cash. The only decoration comes in the form in the trim on the front pocket. Although it is not the slimmest possible wallet out there, it certainly does have a minimal profile and will fit comfortably in even the skinniest of jeans.

The stitching on the wallet is to a high standard and has clearly been made with care. You won't find any loose corners or fraying edges. Combined with the rounded corners this means the wallet will slip in and out your pocket easily and shouldn't catch on other objects. 

The flexible elastic materials used gives the wallet a real durability. This is a product that is likely to last you years.

Let's take a look the wallet in action. In this example we will be using five cards, 3 embossed, and 2 plain.

The original sushi wallet can, as you see, comfortably fit five cards in the band. Up to 8 cards is possible in theory but it will be a real stretch in reality. We think six is the comfortable Limit. As you can see, cards are easy to access, slide-out take the card you want and slide back in. With a little practice this can even be done with one hand and is a simple process.

The front pocket will store any Dollar or Euro notes. In this example, we're using a 5 and 20 Euro note. They simply slide in and fit perfectly. You may find you have a little trouble sliding them in smoothly due to the fact that the material used is not completely smooth. With time this shouldn't be a problem.

As you can see, the wallet will also fit a five pound note very nicely and snugly.

The contents of the wallet are completely safe and secure and there's no danger of them falling out. Although over time as it wears and becomes loose this could become a problem.

The downside to the flexible elastic material is that by nature it is not particularly sturdy. This means the Sushi Wallet will not provide too much protection against bending and breaking of cards. It also does not provide any protection against RFID skimming.

As can be seen, anything over a five pound note becomes impractical with the Sushi wallet. However step in the European version.

The European version is essentially the original wallet made larger and turned sideways. Rather than having an open elastic band style one side is sewn down so that it's got a more traditional pocket. The front pocket is used to store up to eight cards. Again though, we think six is probably the limit. Anymore is pushing it slightly.

The main pocket can then be used to store cash which will fit in easily if folded twice as so. Although, folded this small it does leave a lot of empty wasted space, which seems a little pointless. Instead you could store notes folded just once. Doing this, though, you will find that £20 notes will protrude ever so slightly from the wallet unless you get it really down to the very bottom.

If you prefer, you could store your cash and cards the other way around, using it more like the traditional Sushi Wallet. Having your cards in the main pocket and cash in the front pocket. As we show here this works equally well so it really is a case of preference and where you prefer to have your cash and cards.

The only potential problem we see is that the notes are perhaps not quite as tight in the front pocket as they are with the traditional wallet, but we think they'll definitely be safe.

Unfortunately by accommodating the larger, British-style, the Sushi Wallet does lose some of its elegant minimalist appeal, but it is certainly appreciated that the designer has catered for the British market and created a viable option for pound notes.

We will be giving away both wallets featured in today's video in our competition. Be sure to check out the link to see how you can enter.

Thank you for watching we hope you enjoyed todays video and if you did be sure to like, comment and subscribe.

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And check out our online wallet shop where you will find a great range of slim wallets on sale.

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