Trove Wallets

Posted on August 08, 2014 by David Bruce

The TROVE wallet (shop for TROVE wallets here) makes vast improvements on a tried and tested slim wallet design.

Update: Check out our review of the Trove Wallet here.

For those of you who have been following the continual ebb and flow of the slim wallet world as closely as we have you would have noticed the ongoing and increasing trend of elastic wallets.

Whilst commendable for being lightweight and slim they have been re-invented time and time again by new entrants to the market but never seem to get any better.

The reasons behind the popularity of elastic wallets are two-fold (not bi-fold ;-P).

Firstly the elastic wallet is incredibly easy to make requiring a reel of elastic and some rudimentary sewing skills.

Secondly there is a large customer base out there who subscribes to the ideals of a slim wallet and are looking for someone to offer them something better than the plain run of the mill wallets that are so prevalent nowadays. The elastic wallet was a great start down the road towards slim individualistic wallets that offered new ideals to a leather bi-fold saturated market and thus, was a hit from the beginning.

The Trove wallet has taken the ever popular elastic wallet, and using their years of manufacturing skills combined it with leather and a large scoop of innovation to give birth to the next generation of wallet. 

Handmade in 24 steps the wallet consists of full grain vegetable tanned leather combined with durable elastic. With a choice of vibrant colours for both materials the Trove wallet is available in a number of different colours allowing you to find the one that suits your style. The full range of TROVE is available in the Slim Wallet Junkie shop. Which colour is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

By creating a more innovative shape for the wallet Trove have managed to include two external pockets which can be used to store all sorts of stuff as shown in the image bellow.

For more information on Trove and the people behind the wallet why not visit their website or check out their Kickstarter video below.