Authentic American Leather from Shinola

Posted on June 27, 2014 by Harry Jest

For the past three years the founders of Shinola have worked tirelessly to reinvigorate the dwindling manufacturing industry that once underpinned one of America's greatest cities.

Based in Downtown Detroit they began by manufacturing high quality, handmade watches in their 30,000 sq. ft. facilities. They have continued to grow their business around the desire to help others rediscover the beauty of American Industry and the glory of manufacturing.

"It’s why we are here. Making an investment in skill, at scale. Creating a community that will thrive through excellence of craft and pride of work. Where we will reclaim the making of things that are made well. And define American luxury through American quality."

Since it's start Shinola has expanded it's product offering to handmade bicycles, leather goods and Journals alongside other curated one off products. They have achieved this by carefully selecting a group of American manufacturing partners whose obsession with craftsmanship and quality matches their own. Each of their partners has a long legacy of making products that are beautiful, meaningful, and made to last.

For their Leather Goods Shinola have collaborated with Eric Scott from Genevieve Missouri who create their beautiful handcrafted "horween leather" wallets.

Amongst their wallets my favourite is the bifold wallet which boasts:

"raw cut edges and pared-down simplicity. American made from premium, vegetable-tanned Horween leather with rich natural character that gains nuance through daily use."

Authentic American Leather Wallet from Shinola

At $125 it's not the cheapest of wallets but judging by the video above which details the process that these wallets go through during manufacture I would bet that the wallet could last you a lifetime.

With just two credit card slots and a pocket for cash no one can doubt the wallet's Slim credentials. The only question left to ask is which colour would you chose? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below.