J Crew - Magic Wallet Review

Posted on May 10, 2013 by David Bruce


This particular version of the J Crew magic Wallet was purchased in 2006 and used right through to 2011. Scroll down to the bottom of the article for a video review of a new J. Crew Magic Wallet.

At the time of purchase the wallet was not available in the UK and therefore was bought whilst on holiday in San Francisco for $25.00.

The wallet is made from two rigid leather bound panels, bound together by four pieces of elastic.
Each panel has two slots for placing cards lengthways in the wallet. On this version the leather, stitching and elastic are all brown. At the time of purchase there were a number of different 
colour options available.








Leather, Elastic

Number of card slots

There are four card slots, two on each side. When new one card fits in each slot snugly.

Card carrying capacity

Although there are just four card slots it is possible to squeeze two cards in each. Although hard to do at first the leather gives making it easier to get them in and out.



Id/photo slot

NO. There is no dedicated photo/ID area of the wallet.

size and shape

Measured with five notes in the cash section and 8 cards in the 4 slots.

Length = 103mm

Width = 68mm

Height = 18mm

Colours currently available

Currently the UK J Crew online store stocks a brown leather magic wallet with side loading card slots.

Although sneakily in the ladies section they also have magic wallets for sale in other colours and with top loading slots.


RFID blocking


Use with RFID Cards

Yes, although due to proximity of other cards if you have more than one RFID card you will need to separate them (one in each panel) otherwise it will be necessary to remove the card from your wallet before using it.


38g (Without Cards and Cash)

Cash pocket

Designed with the Dollar in mind. GBP notes fit nicely when folded in thirds however there is not always the time to do this when buying things in a hurry.

One Handedness

Possible to use one handed when each pocket is being used for one card only. When used with two cards in each slot then the top card in each pocket can still be accessed one handed.


Having used my J Crew Magic wallet for 5 years I have been impressed with it's longevity. Originally the cash was held in tightly, however, after so much use the elastic holding the two leather panels together has stretched. This means that cash can now fall out from time to time. The leather is still in wonderful condition as shown in the photos above. 

Video Review